About Us

About Us

Based in the U.S.A., ATD Commerce, LLC uniquely designs everyday comfort clothes and takes place in global marketplace. We are continuously searching new textile products for daily use and bringing a new perspective to clothing with our own design. Products are being manufactured by our solution partners under our auditing procedures to meet our high quality standards.

Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission is to create quality and comfy clothes with a simplistic design to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, while keeping the environmental awareness at peak.

Our vision is to create a value in textile with our experineced partners, quality, design and our respect to environmental and human rights. Using the highest technology possible, our aim is to become a world brand in textiles.

Our core values are;


Never quitting to search for what is newest and what is best for our company, always keeping a flexible attitude towards our structure.

Inclusion and Diversity

We value diverstiy and do our best to make our team open to the world.


Always keeping our products at high standards with necessary auditing processes.

Customer Satisfaction

We value our customers and like to think that they are a part of our team to fullfill our vision and values.